This tool shows how far you could go, in a given amount of time, with the proposed Busconnects network redesign.

How to use this tool

Click anywhere on the map (or type an address in the upper left).

Then, click    to view the area you could reach in 30 minutes using public transport with today's network, and with the proposed BusConnects network.

Also, look at the table that appears. It shows how many more jobs (or student enrolments) you can get to in that time.

You can also look at the proposed BusConnects routes by clicking .

When the routes are visible, you can run your cursor over any proposed bus route to see where it would go and how frequently it would run. Or, right-click on the map to view a list of nearby routes. Remember, colors indicate frequency!.

Dublin's Proposed New Bus Network

Click anywhere on the map to see how far you could go.

Where Can I Go with BusConnects?

Areas only accessible on the Existing network in yellow, areas only accessible on Proposed network in blue, areas accessible in both in green.
Jobs in
Jobs in
% Change
Click anywhere on the map to see where you could go with BusConnects.

Network Frequency

The bus comes every:

4 to 8 minutes

10 to 15 minutes

20 to 25 minutes

30 to 35 minutes

40 minutes

60 minutes

less than hourly